Education Fund

program2Homeless and vulnerable community children interested in learning and studying are given the opportunity to have basic lessons in English, mathematics, science, social studies, reading and writing. On the average, we have over 200 Orphans and Vulnerable Children benefiting from this program. Classes are taught from incomplete structures down the slums although they are fair enough to accommodate the kids and have them concentrate, learn and study. The curriculum taught has been tailored and subjects prioritized in relation to the lifestyles these vulnerable children live. For instance, topics like fast aid, personal hygiene and sanitation.

In their daily lives, they are now able to apply all that is taught and it helps them trade life on a safer side since they are very exposed to risks and stakes. This is in preparation for starting, or a return to school in the future for those interested in further education and studies. Of the over 200 children in the education and learning programs, about 40% of them positively respond to simple reading and writing and for those children that have proved a keen interest to learning, they have been moved to our children’s base in Mpigi Busomba Village where they fully live and attend school.