Community Outreach & Sensitization


This is a community-relational program that helps get to know communities even more so as to better evaluate the impact made. Different groups of people are interacted with so KAF learns how to serve the people and react in accordance to their needs. Most people are vulnerable and require sensitive care and attention therefore KAF does community service in areas like; visiting the sick, bringing them food, visitation to community schools and faith-based organizations to share knowledge, skills and experiences. Under this program, free guidance and counseling to communities, sensitization programs, training in self-developmental and sustainability skills are shared, donations of basic materials i.e. books, clothes, and basic needs of the children met. KAF so far works with three very big and vulnerable communities in Uganda. i.e. Kivulu Slum in central Uganda, Bupala Village in the far eastern part of Uganda and Busomba Village in Mpigi district.