Kitenge Africa Foundation (KAF) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization; Reg. (Cert. No.CEN/430) based in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. Kitenge Africa Foundation was started with the aim of assisting the vulnerable and disadvantaged, primarily children. It is founded on Christian principles but is committed to assisting the vulnerable and disadvantaged regardless of belief.

Kitenge is a Swahili word for the bright and colorful African cloth preferred by mothers to wrap babies and carry their children. Kitenge represents warmth, security and comfort and yet is still bold and innovative which is why it was chosen as the name.

Organizational Background

As a 19 year old, Koojo Justus Kojax founded the charity in 2008 with the initial objective to improve street children’s health, sanitation and personal hygiene through regular donation of clothing and sanitation material. The charity began by moving door-to-door collecting donated clothes which they eventually brought together and gave out to the homeless on the streets and to organized groups in desperate need, like orphanages. Besides that, they also voluntarily treated skin infections and diseases and provided training in preventive measures. At some point they were referred to as ‘The clothing-NGO’ and since their efforts were to protect little ones affording them something warm to protect them from harsh weather and helping them have a better life. It is from there, that the name Kitenge Africa Foundation was derived.”

By the end of the year 2009, there was a team of ten volunteers working with the organisation and seeing positive results. The health and hygiene of the street kids the team worked with had greatly improved. In the long run however these improvements were not enough to transform the lives of street children who were still malnourished, uneducated, homeless and vulnerable to abuse.

It was time for the next step. As advised by the Community Development Officer, Kampala City Council Authority, Ms. Akello Molly, and our Board of Directors, Kitenge Africa Foundation resolved to expand its objectives as an organization from just providing clothing, health and sanitation services to feeding, providing shelter and educational opportunities and championing the rights of these children. Based off of these new goals, new programs were designed and implementation began in the communities.